Master 2 Optique, Matière à Paris
Master 2 Scientifique et Technique Autour de l'Interaction Lumière Matière

(Français) Thèses 2018


(Français) Ultrafast optical spectroscopy of primary photoinduced processes in DNA systems EXPERIMENT THEORY A PhD student will be recruited by the Department of Physics, Politecnico di Milano (Italy), in the framework of the MSCA ITN project LightDyNAmics ( The task of the student is to perform experimental work on timeresolved spectroscopy of DNA systems. The student will develop ultrafast spectroscopy setups in the UV with unprecedented sub-20-fs time resolution: transient absorption and two-dimensional ultraviolet (2DUV) spectroscopy. These systems will then be used for studies of the primary photoinduced processes in nucleic acids of growing complexity, from isolated nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides to stacked/paired dimers, single and double strand models and Gquadruplexes. Experimental results will be compared with advanced numerical simulations performed by Bologna University (Italy, Prof. Marco Garavelli). The ideal candidate should have a background in optics and photonics and preferentially an expertise in spectroscopic techniques and a basic knowledge of physical chemistry and photochemistry. The recruitment will be based on the CV and motivation letter (recommendation letters are also welcome), followed by an interview for the short listed candidates. Gross salary is about 3000 € per month plus 600 € monthly relocation allowance and 500 € monthly falily allowance (if applicable). Additional Requirements: M.Sc. (or equivalent graduation) in relevant area (e.g. Engineering, Physics or Physical Chemistry). Previous experience in optical spectroscopy techniques is preferred. Proof of English proficiency as communication and teaching language throughout LightDyNAmics is English. Contract start date (planned): 01. November 2018 Application deadline: 15 July 2018 Contact Prof. Giulio Cerullo Department of Physics Politecnico Milano [email protected] Group

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