The Institut Fresnel is a research state laboratory based in Marseille / France, devoted to
research and higher education in all areas of optical and photonic sciences.
Institut Fresnel is seeking to recruit talented, enthusiastic young scientists who are highly
motivated to boost their research career in the areas of nano-optics and/or biophotonics.The successful candidate will be part of an emerging project carried out under the supervision ofJérome Wenger. The group has acquired a wide expertise in the nanoscale control of light fields in plasmonic aperture antennas and its application to nano-bio-photonics to enhance the
detection of single fluorescent molecules in solution.
The project aims at controling light-matter interaction at the nanoscale with photonic structures. The focus will be set on extending the energy transfer process between fluorescent molecules, which remains an almost unexplored territory. The successful candidate will develop a novel experimental setup taking advantage of the most recent advances in plasmonics and fluorescence analysis. This cross-disciplinary project is expected to lead to significant breakthroughs in different fields of nano-optics and physical chemistry sciences.

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