PhD position in Quantum Photonics @ Stockholm University

We seek for a talented and independent graduate student who wishes to develop her/his scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment. This doctoral degree project will be carried out in the Quantum Photonics group led by Ana Predojevic ( The successful candidate should have interest in quantum technologies, specifically quantum information and communication.

The project implementation will involve experimental investigation of semiconductor embedded quantum emitters and state-of-the-art photonic structures. The project will focus on novel sources of quantum light and their use in quantum communication protocols (


Relevant literature:

[1] M. Prilmüller, et al. Hyperentanglement of photons emitted by a quantum dot. arXiv:1701.08986  (2017).

[2] T. Huber, et al. Coherence and degree of time-bin entanglement from quantum dots. Phys. Rev. B 93, 201301(R) (2016); arXiv:1506.02429.

[3] A. Predojević. Resonant excitation and photon entanglement from semiconductor quantum dots. arXiv:1503.00352


We kindly ask the interested applicants to send a CV, research statement, and contact details of two persons for references (or recommendation letters) to the following email address: [email protected].

Sébastien Tanzilli

Head of the CNRS ‘Groupe de Recherche’ #3322
on « Quantum Engineering, Foundations & Applications (GDR-IQFA) »
Supported by the CNRS Institutes of Physics (INP) & Engineering and System Sciences (INSIS)
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