At the Chair for Ultrafast Nanooptics in the Physics Institute of Bayreuth University, Germany, we currently have two open positions suitable for PhD or PostDoc projects. The group focuses on plasmonics and nanooptics and combines ultrafast and nonlinear spectroscopy with all kinds of emitters, at room temperature and low temperature. For details check our website at .

Semiconductor quantum dots serve as single photon sources. To build a photonic quantum computer from them, it is necessary to combine many single photon sources with a network of waveguides. Plasmonic waveguides promise efficient coupling and a truly nanoscale footprint. We achieved already the first step of coupling to the waveguide (X. Wu et al., NanoLetters 2017), now we want to design and manufacture plasmonic circuits. Plasmonics and spectroscopy are done by us, the production and structuring of semiconductor samples together with cooperation partners.

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