Sujet : Graphene quantum dots: a new class of quantum emitters

Encadrant : Jean-Sébastien Lauret

Descriptif :

In the field of condensed matter, graphene plays a central role as an emerging material for nanoelectronics. Nevertheless, graphene is a semimetal, which constitutes a severe limitation for some future applications. Therefore, a lot of efforts are being made to develop semiconductor materials whose structure is compatible with the graphene lattice. In this perspective, little pieces of graphene represent a promising alternative. In particular, their electronic, optical and spin properties can be in principle controlled by designing their size, shape and edges. Recently, we report on a single emitter study that directly addresses the intrinsic properties of a single graphene quantum dot [1]. In particular, we show that graphene quantum dots emit single photons at room temperature with a high purity, a high brightness and a good photostability. During this day at the laboratory, you will follow the on-going experiments on single GQD. In particular, the group is developping a microphotoluminescence experiment at low temperature.

[1] S. Zhao, …, JS Lauret et al, Nature Communications (in press)

Dates : 3 séances, 6,7 et 14 septembre, un binôme ou un monôme

Lieu : Université paris Sud