The lectures of the masters LuMI and MIO are mainly in french. If you want to join, you need a sufficient level of french understanding.

Applications for 2015-2016, can be registered from march 2015. Be careful, at the end of the application, in the lower part of this page, a message will confirm that your application has been registered. if it is not the case, do write to secretariat-omp (at) . The  pedagogic team will contact you within 2 weeks. Thanks for reading carefully the floowing lines before applying to the master. for application in the specialty “Optics, Matter, Plasmas”, you have to

  • Choose the master(s) you want to apply to
  • fill the application form (inline).
  •  add a cover letter and a CV
  • add in a single  zip file, your mark sheet over the  4 last years.
  • you can as well  (not compulsory) add references and letters of people who can recommand you (name, email, phone number) ,
  • for foreign students : all documents in foreign language (except in english)  have to translated. The details of the scientific syllabus has to be added.
  • the size of the complete set of documents need to be smaller than 5MO )

Application form:

À quel(s) parcours candidatez-vous ?

Student's personal information


Former training course

high school diploma

Higher education

other degrees

Internship and jobs

Internships and jobs


Other informations

Master in optical engineering (professional) : additionnal INFORMATIONS


French level

Maximum upload size: 314.57MB

Personnal assessment of your french level ( 0 (minimum) to 5 (maximum))

English level

Maximum upload size: 314.57MB

personal assessment of your english level, (from 0 (minimum) to 5 (maximum))

Documents to be attached

CAREFUL, the whole size of all documents has to be smaller than 5 MO
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
(Si vous avez déjà publié dans une revue scientifique, vous pouvez donner là les références de la publication)
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB
Maximum upload size: 314.57MB