The Institut Fresnel is a research state laboratory based in Marseille / France, devoted to
research and higher education in all areas of optical and photonic sciences.
Institut Fresnel is seeking to recruit talented, enthusiastic young scientists who are highly
motivated to boost their research career in the areas of nano-optics and/or biophotonics.The successful candidate will be part of an emerging project in the field of molecular plasmonics in a french consortium merging three highly recognized laboratories. The project will be carried out in the CLARTE team that has gathered a wide expertise in numerical and theoretical
The candidate will theoretically study the physics of nano-antennas and emphasize will be placed on novel optical properties of hybrid architectures. The theoretical work will be completed by numerical simulations based on accurate methods developed in the team (Mie theory, differential method, finite element method). The candidate will closely collaborate with experimental groups of the consortium and he/she will improve the numerical methods in order to model realistic nano-antennas.

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